The One Product I Wish Every Parent Knew About

I cringe every time I go to the airport. Without fail, I always spot a few of them. They are usually sporting a baseball cap, hair a little wispy underneath, a large diaper bag slung over the shoulder, one hand dragging a roller bag and the other one barely hanging on to a gigantic car seat. A small toddler is usually accompanying the adult, waddling along with a tiny chubby hand hanging on to the side of the diaper bag. I wish I had ZOHZO fliers. It'd be a small postcard size flyer that introduces them to the product I wish every parent knew about: the ZOHZO Adventure Car Seat Travel Bag.

The ZOHZO Adventure Car Seat Travel Bag is a product that most new parents have not come across yet or has not been top priority for their baby registry.  However, I'd liken it to a good baby carrier in many ways. Maybe you've seen people using it before, maybe you haven't. But, once you experience the benefit of having one and using it, you'll never go without again. 

Let's face it. Traveling can be stressful. We love the idea of relaxing on a warm beach with the cool water hitting our toes, but to get to that point of nirvana takes quite a bit of planning. Especially if you are bringing your baby or young kids. And most of us aren't even thinking about taking the baby to the beach. We just have to make the rounds so the baby can meet their family! Well, to get there, getting through the airport is challenge #1.

Traveling is a level 5 challenge in and of itself (parking, security lines, all that jazz...). Add 2 levels if you are traveling alone with your child. Add 1 for every child that outnumbers you. Add 1 if you are trying to avoid baggage fees by superheroing it to the gate with kids + baggage. And if you are bringing your car seat with you (and you should), you've basically maxed yourself out. Here is where the ZOHZO Car Seat Bag comes in handy. It's basically a padded backpack for your car seat. You load your bad boy in (the car seat, not the baby), and you wear it on your back. It comes with a handy waist strap so you can pop it up, and let is sit on those weight bearing hips. Even if you have no hips, this will help. Trust me.

So, you may be thinking to yourself, I'll look like a dope. No! You won't! You won't be that parent who is kicking their car seat forward or dragging it by it's LATCH tethers around the germ-filled airport. You'll really be superheroring it because you now have free hands! FREE HANDS! You can reach your wallet and get that bagel sandwich that would really soothe your soul, or you can just hang on to your little one as you stroll along, counting down the gates.

Get the ZOHZO Adventure Car Seat Travel Bag if you are planning to travel, or introduce it to new parents or parents-to-be that may have never heard about this amazing parenting + travel hack. Travel often, and travel easy.


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